1. Helps Me in 1000 Ways

    I've never had pain that felt so good until I trained with you. I don't know what hurts my abs more - doing actual ab workouts or laughing way too hard at your dumb jokes. Every fist bump and smile makes me remember that every minute of effort I put in helps me in one thousand different ways. I'm not only a better athlete, but a better nerd.…Read More

    E. Warr
  2. Recommended to Anyone

    Jonny is one of the better personal trainers around the area. He is easy to interact with for young athletes, but at the same time he know how to push that athlete to make them better. I recommend his training to anyone who is looking to become better at whatever sport it may be.…Read More

    T. Herro
  3. Bigger Picture

    ​​I started working out with Jonny three years ago and not only did he become my trainer but he became a brother to me. Jonny has taught me not only to succeed physically in sports but also mentally. He works you hard and doesn't let you cheat yourself. By training with Jonny I have seen major improvements in speed, vertical and muscle build. I have more endurance than I did and I am more phys…Read More

    O. Viar
  4. Stops At Nothing

    I can wholeheartedly say that working with Jonny is one of the best experiences for me. Not only is he able to physically prepare me for any obstacle I may face, but also mentally. The support and encouragement I receive from Jonny not only makes me a better athlete, but a better person. Jonny provides an environment where you want to push yourself 110% all of the time, and is determined to make y…Read More

    M. Beacom