1. Pay Off

    Working with Bridgewater Performance has helped me become stronger on and off the court. Jonny makes the hard work fun and our work together continues to pay off for me…Read More

    J. Hinson Jr.
  2. Mental Toughness

    Since training at Bridgewater Performance Logan Jr has improved not only physically but mentally. While balancing multiple sports most important competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; his confidence, agility, and strength has greatly improved. At 6 years old he currently has 12 medals with 7 of them being gold in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Not only is he a sponsored competitor but an all around athlete since…Read More

    L. Wells Jr
  3. The Little Things

    I started seeing Coach Bridgewater in early December in order to prepare for the upcoming WiFCA Combine in late April and to prepare for the upcoming football season. We immediately started working on “the little things” such as muscular endurance, flexibility, and particular movements to help my lifting and form. As a result of the many workouts I was able to put up a class of 2020 best 36 re…Read More

    J. Peardon
  4. Came Along Way

    Working with Bridgewater Performance since 8th grade has enabled me to become the athlete I want to be. I cannot wait to accomplish more of my goals. I have came a long way I am going to work hard as my Senior season is approaching.…Read More

    H. Smasal
  5. Motor Skills

    I feel that Bridgewater Performance helped me improve my motor skills which contributes to enhancing my sports performance as a football and basketball player. It has also increased my muscular strength and preparation for my future energy levels. Overall, I have enhanced my muscular strength and endurance. Thank you for all that you do!…Read More

    L. McClain Jr.
  6. Life Lessons

    Making the move to train with Jonny for the past couple of years has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my athletic career. Sure, you can go to the gym by yourself, do your own workouts and see results, but that is nowhere near to where Jonny can take you. His workouts are tailor-made to you, they are fast and simple, and at the end of the day, you can literally feel that you got the b…Read More

    D. Alexopoulos
  7. Uncomfortable = Unstoppable

    I can honestly say that working with Jonny has made me such a better person, physically and mentally. He is able to prepare me for any obstacle I may encounter on and off the court. The support and encouragement I receive from him has truly made me not only a better athlete but person as well. He is a guy that always will push you to go 110% because he believes in what we can do. As he said to me …Read More

    R. Kasar
  8. Exceptional Attitude

    I worked with Jonny in the offseason and was extremely pleased with his intensity, motivation and exceptional attitude. His ability to push you and understand your goals is outstanding and I highly recommend training with him!…Read More

    P. Cornale
  9. Unbreakable Bond

    I have known Jonny for almost my whole life. I use to play football with his son Jayden when we were younger. Jonny's always pushed me to be the best I can be and to achieve my dreams. I started training with Jonny more often this year (2016-2017) and the change I have seen in my body physically is dramatic. Jonny is a great trainer and taught me so many different workouts and life lessons. The bo…Read More

    C. Kujawa
  10. 110%

    Jonny pushes me to work hard and give 110%. Speed and agility drills help increase acceleration and core strength. Both are critical to being an effective base runner in softball. Speed is my game. He helps focus on form and technique to shave time off my home to first sprint. I hit below 3 seconds!!! Worth all the sweat and effort.…Read More

    H. Wynn