Image of Chase

Unbreakable Bond

I have known Jonny for almost my whole life. I use to play football with his son Jayden when we were younger. Jonny’s always pushed me to be the best I can be and to achieve my dreams. I started training with Jonny more often this year (2016-2017) and the change I have seen in my body physically is dramatic. Jonny is a great trainer and taught me so many different workouts and life lessons. The bond that we have is unbreakable and he’s like another father to me.

He’ll push you out of your comfort zone even when you don’t like it, but he knows and you know that it’ll make you a better athlete. My admiration and respect for him runs deep, and I could not ask for a better mentor. In my opinion he works me too hard for me not to achieve my goals.

C. Kujawa