Something we live by at Bridgewater Performance. It’s a mindset, it’s the realization that the only person stopping you from greatness is yourself. Dig deep, look in the mirror and SHOW UP and SHOW OUT. It’s not something that can be taught, however, it’s something that is required to enter the gates of Bridgewater Performance.

Jonny Bridgewater

Jonny is a nationally accredited Certified Personal Trainer who propels clients from all walks of life to achieve weight loss goals, add lean muscle or achieve overall health. He specializes in helping young athletes take their performance to the next level, working with some of Southeastern Wisconsin’s top high school, middle school and grade school youth. His lifelong exposure to high-level sports and athletics gives Jonny the unique understanding of each athlete’s challenges and goals.

“The feeling you get when you turn your dream into a reality, PRICELESS. I would like to thank everyone who pushed me, believed in me, and supported my dream, I am so blessed to be able to train in my own facility, help others be all they can be! These are Bridgewater Performance clients. I will forever be grateful to all of you!”